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Member:   Vermont Sweetwater Bottling Co.
About Us:
Vermont Sweetwater Bottling Company is a small family owned and operated bottling company in Poultney Vermont.

On their antique Dixie bottler they produce only all-natural beverages, the old fashion way, using only the finest natural ingredients.

They have two Vermont maple based products, Vermont Maple Soda and Vermont Maple Seltzer, and four all-natural fruit flavors, Mango Moonshine, Tangerine Cream Twister, County Apple Jack, Raspberry Rhubarb Ramble. For the kid in everyone they came out with an all-natural Cola, called Kickin' Cow-Cola and the latest is the refreshing taste of their Rugged Mountain Root Beer.

What we produce:
Eight and counting all natural sodas

How to contact us:
Wendy Cadieux
1075 VT Rt. 30 N
Poultney, VT 05764
Tel: 802-287-9897
Fax: 802-287-9230
Toll Free: 800-974-9877
Web site: