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Member:   Vermont Morning
About Us:
A member of Freedom Foods specialty brands!  Vermont Morning's goal is to change America's palate, one breakfast at a time!

What we produce:
100% organic, whole grain, multi-grain Oatmeal Plus with excellent nutritionals, great taste and remarkable texture. Our Original blend has oats, wheat, and rye.  Our Wheat-Free blend has oats and rye.  No sugar, no salt, no soy.

Available in a retail size for your store shelf or gift basket.  Available in bulk for bins and food service. 
Retail on-line orders for customers who can't find Vermont Morning in a store near them.  We ship all across the US, to Canada, and to our international fans.  Give us a call!

How to contact us:
Cathy Bacon
24 Pleasant Street
Randolph, VT 05060
Tel: 802-728-0070
Fax: 802-728-0071
Web site:

Gail's Grains To Go
A great way to eat hot cereal cold on a hot day or any day you are on the run and want heart healthy fast!