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Member:   Sidehill Farm
About Us:
For 40 years Sidehill Farm has been preserving fruits the old fashioned way, without pectin, jelling agents or preservatives. Nothing but fruit and sugar, boiled down the old-fashioned way& packaged in our signature cloth top  Now available in food service packaging.

What we produce:
"One of the best selling specialty foods in our store & catalog for more than a decade"-VT cheese retailer.

Pectin-Free Jams & Toppings in over 30 flavors-from Red Raspberry to Mango Habanero and Maple Apple Drizzle.  Also available in bulk for food service use.

How to contact us:
Kelt Naylor
PO Box 1558
Brattleboro, VT 05302
Tel: 802-254-2018
Fax: 802-254-3381
Web site:

Maple Apple Drizzle - Pork Tenderlon
 A quick and delicious way to dress up that Tenderloin