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Member:   Jed's Maple Products
About Us:
For five generations the Wheeler family has been producing Pure Vermont Maple Syrup and now we're sharing this family tradition with the world through our award-winning maple specialty foods.  Also home to the all natural gourmet mustards and condiments of the Northeast Kingdom Mustard Company and Rabbi's Roots! fresh grated horseradish.

What we produce:
Gourmet, all natural mustards and condiments, maple specialty foods and fresh grated horseradish. Home of Jed's Maple Mudd "Vermont's Original Gourmet Maple Peanut Butter Sauce".  Please visit our website or call for our brochure.
Retail/Wholesale/Corporate Gifts/Weddings.

How to contact us:
Stephen and Amy Wheeler
259 Derby Pond Rd.
Derby, VT 05829
Tel: 802-766-2700
Fax: 802-766-2702
Toll Free: 866-4 PURE VT
Web site:

July 20, 2017
Birch Syrup Making Meeting