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Member:   Brown & Jenkins Coffee Roasters
About Us:
Brown & Jenkins is a family owned and operated independent Coffee Roaster located in Jeffersonville, Vermont. Our Company was established in 1984. Our coffee is hand-roasted in small batches and shipped the same day. We also create our own Coffee Rubs. Internet sales, wholesale and private labeling. Learn More
What we produce:
Brown & Jenkins specializes in Fresh, small-batch roasted Single Origin, Signature Blends, Seasonal Blends, Flavored, Decaf and Organic Coffees made with 100% Arabica beans. Online orders as needed or Coffee Club membership. We also produce our own Specialty Coffee Rubs. Wholesale and Private Labeling available. Learn More

How to contact us:
Sandy Riggen

Jeffersonville, VT 05464
Tel: 802-644-8300
Web site: