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Member:   Monkey Moon Challah and Catering
About Us:
Monkey Moon Challah and Catering does something no one else does. Our Challah, and other baked goods, are made with the same recipes brought by my great grandparents from Russia, and taught to each generation.

This is Challah (and babka, rugelach, hamantaschen, etc..) as it was in the villages and shtetls of Eastern Europe. But monkeys love to play, and, starting with those traditional family recipes, Monkey Moon has made up varieties that cannot be found anywhere else, and we're always creating new ones. Try us, and see what we're about!
What we produce:
Challah, babka, rugelach and hamantaschen

How to contact us:
Chelsa Roy
121 Spruce Street
Brattleboro, VT
Tel: (802) 579-1460
Web site: