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Member:   Village Cannery of Vermont, Inc.
About Us:
At Vermont Village, we live and work near the little town of South Barre, where we buy as much of our food as we can from local farmers. We prefer food thatís grown for taste, not for travel, from farmers who respect the land. So we buy apples from local farmers whenever possible and are proud to give them a fair price for their apples and help them continue to be a good steward of their orchards and the environment.
We make our applesauce the old fashioned way, cooked in small kettles, using the whole apple including the peel. There is no water or sugar added. The result is a delicious, healthy treat that you and your family can enjoy any time.
What we produce:
Vermont Village makes wholesome and delicious organic and natural applesauces and apple butters made from fresh fruits grown by farmers like Ray Allen Sr., pictured above. Ray, and many others like him in this area, grow their fruit for taste, not travel and they respect the land itís grown on. Weíre proud of our collaboration with these growers and pleased to bring you healthy, natural foods from their orchards. Enjoy.

How to contact us:
Joe Sheperd
698 South Barre Rd
Barre, VT
Tel: 802-479-2558
Fax: 802-479-3106
Web site: