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Member:   Rhapsody Natural Foods
About Us:
Rhapsody Natural Foods is a small family run business in Cabot, VT. Our motivation in both business and life is to produce sustainable, organic and delicious foods in hopes of creating a healthy economy, society and planet. We specialize in high quality, organic fermented and traditional foods because fermented foods are essential for a sustainable lifestyle. We believe that "natural foods" are made with simple ingredients and tools that can be grown and made in a home garden and kitchen. This core belief brings to you our line of fermented, cultured and delicious products! 
What we produce:
Our line up of high quality, artisan products include Tempeh, Miso, Koji, Eggrolls and Natto. 

How to contact us:
Elysha Welters
752 Danville Hill Road
Cabot , VT 05647
Tel: 802-563-2172
Fax: 802-563-2172
Web site: