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Member:   Copey's Sauces & Marinades
About Us:
Adults love ketchup too! Copey's Adult Ketchups combine barbecue and teriyaki flavors to compliment and dish. Choose from Original, Garlic, and Three Pepper to easily add variety to steak, chicken, pork, tofu and seafood. Copey's Adult Ketchup is a family recipe made in Vermont. These versatile sauces make the perfect individual or corporate gift.
What we produce:
The Original Adult Ketchup- is slightly sweet with a tangy kick of teriyaki. It serves as a delicious and easy marinade for any protein, a unique dipping sauce for french fries or wings, and a pick-me-up for leftovers.
The Garlic Recipe- is Copey's personal favorite. It features the original teriyaki and barbeque flavors with a special kick for garlic-lovers.
The Three Pepper Recipe- packs a punch with spicy black and cayenne pepper. Sweet red pepper rounds out the sauce for a wonderful flavor that lasts on the tongue.

How to contact us:
Copey Houghton
52 Buckwheat Street
Ferrisburgh , VT 05456
Tel: 802-999-7032
Fax: 802-862-6693
Web site: