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Member:   Benito's Hot Sauce, LLC
About Us:
I began in 2004 with a desire to make hot sauces and appease my appetite for “heat.”  At first I experimented in my kitchen using the large supply of organic cayenne and jalapeno peppers that I grew. After many attempts at fine tuning the recipe, my original "Benito's Naranja" was born and I formed Benito's Hot Sauce, LLC. In July of 2008, I relocated to Vermont and began bottling the sauce at the VT Food Venture Center in Fairfax.  I chose Vermont because of the statewide emphasis on locally made products along with the State’s commitment to sustainable organic agriculture. Over the last few years, I have come up with a few new sauces, two BBQ rubs, and 2 chile pepper infused maple syrups. I wanted to incorporate a range of heat levels with various flavor schemes.
What we produce:
Vermont Craft Hot Sauce

How to contact us:
Ben Maniscalco
PO Box 216
Montpelier, VT
Tel: 802-730-6823
Web site: