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Member:   FSQ Consulting
About Us:
Food Safety & Quality Consulting was started in 2012 by its current owner Curtt Perry. Curtt was born & raised in VT and attended the University of Vermont where he received a BS in Animal Science & a Masters in Food Microbiology. We have over 22 years of Quality Assurance experience in the food industry. This experience has been for both small and large corporations ranging from seafood to ice cream. FSQ is uniquely qualified to provide the services that are crucial for a small company's growth and success in a consumer focused business. Whether it is developing a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan or helping to prepare for a plant inspection, FSQ can provide the service to accomplish all your food safety and quality goals.
What we produce:
FSQ Consulting is a food Safety & Quality consulting company with the goal of helping small VT food businesses develop, write, implement and train in programs that ensure safe and high quality food.

How to contact us:
Curtt Perry
PO Box 304
Montgomery Center, Vermont
Tel: 802-326-4370
Web site: