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Member:   Michelle's Specialty Foods
About Us:
Michelle’s Spicy Kimchi combines the health benefits of natural fermentation with the zing of a medium salsa! A delicious topping for brats, nachos, grilled cheese, scrambled eggs and pork dumplings.  Punch up your stir fries, ramen noodles, fried rice and tofu dishes.  It’s also a tangy marinade!  This condiment from Korea is made in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, using locally sourced produce from Green Mountain growers.  Michelle’s Spicy Kimchi is an exotic way to eat local!
What we produce:
'Michelle's Spicy Kimchi' has the heat level of a medium salsa.  'Michelle's Extra Spicy Kimchi' has the heat level of a hot salsa.

How to contact us:
Michelle Guenard
PO Box 28
Craftsbury, VT 05827
Tel: 802-586-2233
Web site: