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Member:   Harvest Limited, LLC
About Us:
Harvest Limited is Judy MacIsaac's, (co-founder of Highland Sugarworks and past-president of VSFA) consulting company. She will provide counsel and art direction in overall product development, create an intelligent plan to market your story, consult with you to position your product in proper distribution channels and more. Founded in 2005, Judy MacIsaac has worked with food companies as well as non-food companies to expand their brand reach and overall sales. Her clients include; Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Liz Lovely and The Warren Store.
What we produce:
Judy MacIsaac provides expertise in food product development, brand marketing and business growth strategies.

How to contact us:
Judy MacIsaac
PO Box 128
Warren, VT 05674
Tel: 802-793-4007
Web site: