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Member:   Klinger's Bread Company
About Us:
Rugged, healthy, hearty, crusty, chewy... these are just a few words overheard to describe the Artisan breads of Klinger's. Our all natural, hearth-baked breads are made with a unique, exclusive starter that imparts distinctive flavors and texture.
 We offer whole loaves, dinner rolls, subrolls and burger buns, as well as a wide variety of sliced sandwich loaves.
What we produce:
Artisan breads, desserts, and fine pastries;
 catered breakfast and lunch platters

How to contact us:
Andrew Mignano (wholesale) & Dan Bettencourt (retail)
10 Farrell St
South Burlington, VT 05403
Tel: 802-860-2972 or 802-651-7196 (Andy) 802-860-6322 x10 (Dan)
Fax: 802-860-1062
E-mail: or
Web site: