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Member:   Yummy Yammy
About Us:
Hi! I am Lisa Johnson, Yambassador at Yummy Yammy, where we make the world's only delicious sweet potato salsas in three flavors:  * MEXICAN in mild, medium, and hot, TUSCAN * and * MOROCCAN. *  The main ingredient in our salsas is gorgeous roasted sweet potato.  The happy result is a delectable, vegetarian & vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free culinary treat, healthful beyond reproach (no fat or sweeteners, beautiful natural ingredients, and incredibly low-calorie) so you can even eat the whole jar and feel GREAT about it.   
PROFESSIONAL GROCERY/DAIRY BUYERS, DELI OWNERS/MANAGERS, and WHOLESALERS, please contact us for a price sheet: 802-291-1718 or 
EVERYONE ELSE, we are in about 100 stores from Wisconsin to Maine to Florida. You can also find us at  Be sure to check us out on facebook and twitter.
What we produce:
Fat-free Mexican-inspired salsas in a roasted sweet potato base, with black beans, corn, lime juice, and spices. Chunky, new, delicious, very healthful! (There's only 250 calories in the ENTIRE jar, because there's nothing in there but food, no fats, no sweeteners, just super food!)

TUSCAN SWEET POTATO SALSA Navy beans, tangy balsamic vinegar, and roasted red peppers combine for a flavorful zest.  Our Tuscan salsa is no wall flower:  it's the life of the party.  Serve it as a dip for pita chips, or heat it as you would a pasta sauce and toss with your favorite noodles for a more substantial, healthful meal.

MOROCCAN SWEET POTATO SALSA Exotic, Old World spices set this salsa apart from the rest.  Curry, lentils, and kale make a savory triumvirate with just the right amount of heat. Use it as a spread on your sandwich wraps, or add it to eggs for a wide-awake breakfast.  Or just open a bag of chips and scoop it right out of the jar.

How to contact us:
Lisa Johnson
5 Kendall Station Road
Norwich, VT 05055
Tel: 802-291-1718
Web site: