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Member:   Vermont Roots, Inc.
About Us:
Vermont Roots, Inc. is the premieré wholesale distributor of the highest quality Vermont and New England Specialty Food products.  Vermont Roots was born out of necessity for the cottage food industries.  There was a need to create a distribution network to deliver products to different market places all over the state of Vermont. For more than 27 years, Vermont Roots has grown to be the largest distributor of Vermont and New England specialty products throughout much of New England and Up State New York. Vermont Roots, Inc. is committed to excellent service, prompt delivery, and building relationships together with their producers and their customers.  While paying close attention to detail coupled with a keen sense of market trends; as well as a robust understanding of the specialty food industry, Vermont Roots, Inc. is a great fit for both large and small companies alike.
What we produce:
Vermont Roots, Inc. is a distribution company that values relationships above all else. While fostering relationships with both customers and vendors, Vermont Roots has been able to create a strong network of partners that is continuously growing and expanding.  With distribution channels covering the majority of New England and Up State New York, Vermont Roots, Inc. can create a personalized distribution plan that will fit the needs of any vendor and reach almost any customer.  Not only does Vermont Roots, Inc. have drivers making in person deliveries five days a week, but they also UPS products worldwide in order to satisfy the masses. 
Vermont, Roots Inc. is “Not the best because we are the oldest… the oldest because we are the best”

How to contact us:
Kim D. Crosby
105 E. Pittsford Rd
Rutland, Vermont 05701-9837
Tel: 802-747-3312
Fax: 802-747-0797
Toll Free: 888-887-6687
Web site: