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Member:   Vermont Smoke and Cure
About Us:
Vermont Smoke and Cure continues the tradition of craftsmanship Vermonters are famous for.  We craft our meats in small batches according to recipes grown from our Vermont history and refined during 45 years of experience.  For you, the result is "damn fine" flavor you won't find anywhere else.
What we produce:
Vermont Maple Syrup brined, cob & maple wood smoked ham, bacon.  RealSticks (Beef; Beef & Pork; and Turkey), Summer Sausage, Smoked Pepperoni & fresh sausages.

How to contact us:
Chris Bailey
10516 Route 116, PO Box 567
Hinesburg, Vermont 05461-0567
Tel: 802-482-4666
Fax: 802-482-5153
Web site: