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State and University of Vermont Officials Visit Canada Farms and Food Producers

A Tour to Enhance Regional Agritouism Efforts

October 19, 2018

Vermont is clearing a path for a new tasting trail that will encompass two countries, two states, and two provinces. A collaborative effort among officials from Vermont, New York, Quebec, and Ontario will link authentic farms and food experiences across the region.

On Tuesday, officials from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets (VAAFM), the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing (VDTM), University of Vermont (UVM) Extension, and the Vermont Fresh Network joined partners from around the region on a Canadian Culinary Tour to learn more about agritourism efforts and opportunities for farms and food producers. (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PHOTOS)
“Vermont has a deep agricultural heritage, we are known world-wide for our fine food and beverage products that come from the land. We also have a robust tourism industry, bringing $2.8 billion in spending to the state,” said Commissioner Wendy Knight, Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing.
Officials hope a new trail connecting Vermont with New York and Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario, will create a new global tourist destination.
Listening and learning from farm tours already operating in Canada will help Vermont officials develop a trail to showcase the authentic farm-to-table experience that can be found throughout Vermont, eventually forming an international culinary trail, the first of its kind. The Lake Champlain Tasting Trail is Vermont’s segment of this international trail.
“It’s exciting to look to our neighbors to North and see great models of how to align businesses, farms and restaurants and create an opportunity for people to follow their senses through a community and connect to different products and the landscape,” said Abbey Willard, Agriculture Development director with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture.
“By working with our friends and neighbors in New York and Canada we have an opportunity to make our region a global destination for people interested in agritourism and culinary excellence.  Together this effort can help improve the communities and economies in Vermont, New York and Canada,” said Chuck Ross, Director of UVM Extension.
This initiative is an example of Governor Phil Scott’s priority on cross-border travel and trade which was recently affirmed in a Cooperative Agreement between Vermont and Quebec. 

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