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Lake Champlain Chocolates + Silo Distillery = A match made in heaven

September 6, 2016

SILO Distillery releases their latest craft spirit, SILO Cacao Vodka, made with direct trade cacao shells from Vermont’s own Lake Champlain Chocolates

Note: SILO will be holding the following events in conjunction with Cacao’s release:

  • A free, open to the public release party for SILO Cacao Vodka on Friday, September 16th from 6 to 8: 30pm at the Hotel Vermont in Burlington. Music from Brett Hughes to follow. Please join us!
  • Lake Champlain Chocolates + SILO Cacao in store tasting on Saturday, September 24th from 2 to 5pm at their Factory Store on Pine Street in Burlington!

Windsor, Vermont (September 2016) SILO Distillery releases their latest craft spirit, SILO Cacao Vodka, in collaboration with Lake Champlain Chocolates. Cacao is their award winning SILO vodka infused with shells from the beans used in Lake Champlain Chocolates’ Blue Bandana line—a collection of craft chocolate bars sourced through direct trade with small cacao farmers.

The result is a smooth, yet complex, chocolate vodka made with 100% real ingredients. Once the cacao beans arrive at Lake Champlain Chocolates in Vermont the shells are winnowed, or separated, to extract the nibs of the beans. The cacao nibs are used to produce their signature chocolates, but they have little use for the shell of the bean. The shells are sent over to SILO where they are infused into their award winning 100% Vermont grown corn vodka.

SILO’s Head Distiller, Chris Maggiolo, is always looking for innovative opportunities to work with fellow Vermont brands. “Distillation is art and science, and both benefit from the positive energy fostered through these collaborations. We hope to continue working with local and regional partners in order to further our dedication to the spirits of innovation and cooperation.”

“The Blue Bandana line has sparked innovations never even imagined just a few years ago when we first began working directly with cacao farmers,” says Eric Lampman, President of Lake Champlain Chocolates and founder of Blue Bandana. “Vermont is a small state and it’s rewarding that a conversation with a fellow entrepreneur can result in an entirely new product.” SILO Distillery has spent their first three years of business building a foundation of spirits that reflect the power of local resources and true craftsmanship. Originally launching their flagship product, a 100% Vermont corn vodka, in May of 2013, they have rapidly expanded their family of products without losing an ounce of premium quality. Since July of 2014, SILO has been awarded 11 different accolades and awards for their wide array of spirituous offerings.

SILO’s process is completely hands on, starting with grain selection from Grembowicz Farm in North Clarendon, Vermont. “Using a local source makes all the difference. You know the people and how they raise their grain down to the seedling. It’s the first step we can take in assuring our consumer we offer them something of the highest quality, that we really care about,” says co-owner Anne Marie Delaney.

What sets SILO apart is the use of real ingredients in all of their products. Not only is the grain grown not far from the distillery, the ingredients that go into all of the spirits are 100% authentic, never artificial. Hand peeled and sliced cucumbers for SILO Cucumber Vodka, locally grown lavender flowers for SILO Lavender Vodka, Vermont apples for their Gin, and direct trade cacao shells from Lake Champlain Chocolates give SILO Cacao Vodka just the right amount of cocoa flavor.


Located in Windsor, Vermont, in the same Artisan Park area as Harpoon Brewery, Simon Pierce, The Cheese Board and Great River Outfitters, SILO Distillery is situated in an architect designed barn distillery. The space is uniquely designed to support sustainable production as well as offer the public a full tour, tasting and cocktail experience, inside and out. The twos tory space is rich with the smells of pine and cooking grains, offering beautiful acoustics for local musicians against a backdrop of the stainless steel and copper of SILO’s custom German distillation equipment.
Check them out in Windsor, at 3 Artisans Way, or online at for product information, event schedules, recipes and more.

Contact Information:
Megan Donegan

SILO Distillery