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Smokey Apple Barbeque Pulled Pork

A year around favorite for busy households using a counter-top slow cooker or a  covered roasting pan in a 300 degree oven. Serves 3-4. Prep time 10-15 min. Ingredients: 2-3 lbs. of  less tender pork, such as shoulder.Cut into 1-2" slices. Leave any bones.  Mix 1 cup Smokey Apple BBQ with 1 cup apple cider or water in bottom of crock pot or roasting pan. Place meat on top of sauce mix. Cover. Cook about 6-7 hours on "LOW" setting or 300 degrees. Remove any bones.  "Pull" the meat apart with a tablefork while combining with liquid mix.  Add remaining BBQ, as desired.  A perfect main course or hot sandwich.