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Meat Loaf

Quick and easy original recipe or low carb variation. Also great with stuffed peppers! Will soon become a family favorite.
-1½ lb of lean ground meat
 or RICHARD'S GAME SAUCE (for lower carb & sodium recipe)
-½ to ¾ cups fine cracker crumbs
-¼ cup finely diced onion
-1 Egg
-3 cloves freshly crushed garlic
-¼ cup milk
-salt and pepper to taste

Mix meat and all ingredients thoroughly .Form a loaf in a glass cooking dish

keeping sides of the loaf slightly away from sides of dish. Spread on

additional 3 Tbsp of VT MADE RICHARD'S BARBCUE SAUCE on top of the meat loaf. Cook either in the microwave 20 25 minutes on high or bake in conventional oven for 45 50 minutes at 350 degrees