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Crosby Forge & Farm
A Blacksmith and farmer of Elderberries and Acorns. We specialize in specialty vinegars such as elderberry, acorn and staghorn sumac vinegar shrub drink concentrates, fiddlehead pickles, acorn pickl ...
Drews, LLC.
Drew’s unique dressings and salsas totally transform salads and reinvent everyday meals. Blending quality, bold flavors and natural ingredients with convenience which adds up to one thing: more time a ...
FinAllie Ferments
Kimchi and sauerkraut. 
Lyman's Specialties
Lyman Specialties makes pickles and relishes, some jams and jellies as well. A quality product made in Vermont with natural ingredients.
North Country Canning
Small batch pickled offerings made in the heart of Vermont. North Country Canning works with local businesses and local farms to provide our customers with fresh and crispy pickled fruits and vegeta ...
Pin Up Pickles
Delicious and funky flavor pickles made fresh in Vermont!