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Boston Post Dairy, LLC
Our Goat cheese line up;Eleven Brothers,  Two Time Award Winner! (named after our Eleven Brothers, who, like this cheese, were a lot of work but turned out great!) aged 4-6 months washed rind, a ...
Happy Bird Poultry Farm
Happy Bird Poultry Farm, LLC Smokehouse and Farm Market
We produce~Whole VT Dept of Ag inspected chickens (retail & wholesale)Chicken "cuts" halves, legs, breasts, etc. Smoked Chicken in three flavors~    KW's Wicked Good BBQ    ...
Vermont Salumi
Artisan Sausage and Salami Producer
Vermont Smoke and Cure
Vermont Maple Syrup brined, cob & maple wood smoked ham, bacon.  RealSticks (Beef; Beef & Pork; and Turkey), Summer Sausage, Smoked Pepperoni & fresh sausages.