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Burke Mountain Confectionery
Burke Mountain Confectionery specializes in gift chocolates that are made with simple, pure ingredients that are delicious and unique to Vermont. From our iconic pastoral imagery on our boxes to the c ...
Consulting in Nutrition Analysis
Consulting services for Food Producers, Websites, Food Writers, Chefs, Cookbook Publishers
Crosby Forge & Farm
A Blacksmith and farmer of Elderberries and Acorns. We specialize in specialty vinegars such as elderberry, acorn and staghorn sumac vinegar shrub drink concentrates, fiddlehead pickles, acorn pickl ...
Dominion & Grimm Inc.
fine food packaging
Maple Harvest Specialties
Maple Zucchini RelishMaple Pumpkin RelishMaple Harvest RelishMaple Old Fashion Sugar CandiesMaple Cream CandiesMaple CreamMaple Indian SugarMaple BrittleMaple NutsMaple Kettle CornMaple Cotton Candy
Old Cavendish Products
3 styles of Vermont Fruitcake: Old Cavendish, Organic and Gluten Free fruitcakes.5 Flavors of Monkey Chew Granola Bars Vermont Volcano Mustard
Sumptuous Syrups of Vermont LLC
Sumptuous Syrups™ concentrated craft cocktail syrups are luscious flavoring ingredients designed to inspire creativity and link the farm to the glass. Made for cocktails and mocktails and used for ev ...
The Olive Table
Both the Private Reserve and Early Harvest Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils are single estate oils, cold extracted from 100% Koroneiki olives.  They are unfiltered and offer the low acidity and hi ...
Vermont Moonlight Cookies
Homemade specialty cookies for gift packages, wedding/bridal party favors, and holiday & corporate gifting.
Vermont Vinegars