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2 Wooden Spoons
Homemade Granola
Against The Grain Gourmet
Gluten-free bread and pizza products, and other gluten-free baked goods.
Ambrosia Confections
Handcrafted Confections including vegan friendly sweets.
Baby Bundts of Vermont
3 Decadent, Wholesome, and Gluten Free varieties of Baby Bundt Cakes. They are 4 inches and serve 1-2 persons.  Our flavors are: Chocolate Espresso with a Vanilla glaze, Cinnamon Swirl with a dar ...
Blackflower Chocolate
Handcrafted artisan chocolate bars and fruit and nut barks in a variety of flavors using local and organic ingredients.
Boston Post Dairy, LLC
Our Goat cheese line up;Eleven Brothers,  Two Time Award Winner! (named after our Eleven Brothers, who, like this cheese, were a lot of work but turned out great!) aged 4-6 months washed rind, a ...
Bristol Bakery & Cafe Wholesale
The Bristol Baker & Cafe has been serving "from scratch breads, bagels and morning pastries to the local community for over 35 years.
Butterfly Bakery of Vermont
Butterfly Bakery of Vermont started as a maple syrup sweetened baked goods business but now primarily makes hot sauce with local peppers and copacks other products.
Castleton Crackers
Castleton Crackers are available in five BEAUTIFULLY RUSTIC flavors:MIDDLEBURY MAPLE  a slightly sweet cracker   PUTNEY PUMPKIN  with dried cranberries and thyme  RICHMON ...
Champlain Orchards
We grow Fresh Apples, Peaches, Pears, Plums and More!From the bounty of our fruit, on the farm we make:Sweet Apple Cider. Honeycrisp Ice Cider and Sparkling Ice Cider. Pruner's Pride Hard Cider and Pr ...
Comfort Cookies
We use gourmet chocolate, farm fresh eggs & butter, all natural ingredients with nothing artificial or preserved. Each Comfort Cookie is lovingly molded by hand for a taste that is truly homemade. ...
Douglas Sweets
Scottish Shotbreads and sweets!
Freedom Foods, LLC
Freedom Foods produces a wide array of products for a variety of clients. Whenever possible we use local and natural ingredients, organic ingredients, and/or kosher ingredients. We offer full service ...
Hillcrest Foods
Our Mission is to provide a consistent product, reliable delivery, market updates, and excellent customer service to our customers.  We are committed to a safe, clean, healthy and productive work ...
King Arthur Flour Company
Premium quality baking mixes and specialty flours for specialty food retailers.
Klinger's Bread Company
Artisan breads, desserts, and fine pastries;  catered breakfast and lunch platters
Mother Myrick's Confectionery
Featured products: Buttercrunch, hot fudge sauce, caramels, artisan truffles, lemon lulu cake.
Nitty Gritty Grain Company of Vermont
O Bread Bakery
Old Cavendish Products
3 styles of Vermont Fruitcake: Old Cavendish, Organic and Gluten Free fruitcakes.5 Flavors of Monkey Chew Granola Bars Vermont Volcano Mustard
Olivia's Crouton Company
Gluten Free and Conventional Croutons and Stuffing
Phenomenal Fudge
Over 30 flavors of fudge.
Road Trip Food Company
High Quality fun food products. Vermont Fudge Sauce.
The Vermont Country Deli
A varied array of prepared foods, generous sandwiches, beautiful custom pastries and a large selection of Vermont specialty food items.
The Vermont Maple Granola Company
Maple sweetened Granola
Time Out for Whoopie
Time out for Whoopie is a home based bakery in Northern Vermont, specializing in Whoopie Pies. Three different types of fillings and three different sizes allow you to find just the right Whoopie Pi ...
Vermont Amber Organic Toffee
We produce 10 different flavors of toffee featuring our award winning Fennel Seed toffee.  Additional flavors are added during holiday seasons.  Call to discuss custom flavors or special pro ...
Vermont Common Foods
All natural Vermont Common Crackers, Vermont Common Cheddar Crackers and Vermont Cookie Buttons.
Vermont Cookie Love, LLC
All natural, premium fresh-baked cookies and frozen cookie dough.  Cookie gift boxes and baskets. An award-winning ice cream stand in the summertime.
Vermont Gluten Free
Gluten Free Baked Goods: Breads, Cookies, Tea Breads, Whoopie Pies and Brownies
Vermont Moonlight Cookies
Homemade specialty cookies for gift packages, wedding/bridal party favors, and holiday & corporate gifting.
Vermont Provenders
Vermont Provenders offers a line of all natural ready to bake desserts and pastry items.
Vermont Treats
Maple Based Cookies
West Meadow Farm Bakery
West Meadow Farm Bakery offers a full table of great tasting homemade gluten-free baked goods. Adapted from family recipes - each selection is crafted from scratch to capture the tradition of Vermont.
Westminster Cracker Company
Old fashioned Oyster Crackers, Old Fashioned Square Crackers and Saltine Crackers.